Eastyard Herd Of Pedigree Devon & Limousin Cattle.

About Us

    DCBS Breeder of the year 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.


The Eastyard herd of Mike & Danielle Cowell was established in 2007. The Devon female's were purchases from Barton, Thorndale & Halsbury. Our current stock bulls are Barton Devonair 2nd,Bull of the year 2012. Stonegrove Larkspur Junior Bull of the year 2011, & home bred Eastyard Storm 2nd.


The limousin females were purchased from the Columbpark herd of Matt & Vicky Smith. The females are Rombalds Utah Daughters with the exception to Columbpark UK who is a Broadmeadows Cannon granddaughter.


A number of sought after Limousin embryos have been purchased, these will be used in recipient animals at a later date.


Our aim is to produce top quality breeding stock, that breed good pedigree & commercial cattle.


In January 2011 Mike as a member of the Devon Cattle Breeders Council contacted Waitrose to see if they would be interested in selling Red Ruby Devon beef in their stores.


In February Mike and Peter May also a Devon Cattle Breeder, met with Waitrose at Eastyard Farm.After numerous meetings and visits to Yorkshire they secured a deal at the end of the summer 2011.


The finishing unit is up and running at Peter May's Clannaborourgh Barton, any steer or heifer sired by a registered Red Ruby Devon Bull can go into the scheme.












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Stock For Sale

Barton Devonair 2nd Semen For Sale.

Hatherleigh Sale Report

Embryo's currently for sale -


Barton Camelia 206th x Challenge Brigadier 3rd.


Barton Camelia 206th x Fairnington Baron.


£500.00 per Embryo.