Eastyard Herd Of Pedigree Devon & Limousin Cattle.

Crossbred Cattle

The Eastyard herd of pedigree Devon and Limousin cattle was Established in 2007 they are farmed on 110 acres just outside the village of Ashreigney in North Devon.


We decided being on limited acres that our way forward was to try and produce quality breeding females that would produce good pedigree and commercial cattle.


We promote our herd by showing at as many multi and one day shows as we can throughout the summer months, and fatstock showing through the winter months.


We are farm assured and members of bio-best. We currently run 32 breeding Red Ruby Devon's and have a small herd of Pedigree Limousin cows.


We started initially putting our limousin heifers to our Devon bull for easier calving and to produce a larger commercial animal. The two native steers that have been shown as a result of this was a nice bonus, both doing exceptionally well in the show ring.


The Devon bull brings to the cross over and above other breeds, its paternal traits of the ability to mainly finish on grass, its quiet nature and easy handling.The Devon bull certainly puts a stamp on his progeny when used as a crossing sire, the Devon sired cross is also eligible for the Waitrose scheme.


For any one with a commercial suckler herd the benefits of using a Devon Bull are all of the above plus their progeny have the ability to finish earlier and heavier and kill out at a higher percentage rate whilst still retaining the fabulous flavour and eating quality the Red Ruby Devon is renowned for.


Devon cross females make fantastic mothers who will produce lots of quality milk. Whilst feed prices remain high a Devon bull for us is the way forward to help keep production costs to a minimum.



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Columbpark Breeze & Steer Sired

By Barton Devon-Air.

Bobby Dazzler Sired By Bollowal Harmony, Dam Columbpark Dallas.

Hatherleigh Sale Report

Embryo's currently for sale -


Barton Camelia 206th x Challenge Brigadier 3rd.


Barton Camelia 206th x Fairnington Baron.


£500.00 per Embryo.