• Showing News 2014.

    Devon County Show - Eastyard Jaylo was female champion and reserve breed champion

    Bath and West Show - Eastyard Jaylo was female champion once more but this time was tapped up breed champion and 2 yr old sister Eastyard Camelia was reserve female and reserve breed champion.

    Royal Cornwall and Royal Three Counties Eastyard Jaylo was female champion and reserve breed champion.

    Dorset county and Royal Berkshire show saw Eastyard Jaylo taking female and breed champion once again. Having been the DCBS junior female of the year in 2013 she now was DCBS female of the year 2014.

    Local Day Shows -

    Launceston Show - Eastyard Jaylo breed champion and reserve interbreed champion.

    Mid Devon Show - Eastard Jaylo and Eastyard Camelia were interbreed pairs champions and Eastyard Jaylo was Breed champion and Eastyard Camelia reserve breed champion.

    Woolsery Show - Jaylo breed champion and supreme interbreed champion, Jaylo and Camelia were also reserve interbreed pairs champions.

    Honiton Show - Eastyard Jaylo breed Champion and Supreme interbreed champion.

    North Devon Show - Eastyard Jaylo breed champion and interbreed native champion.



  • April 2014.

    Calving is proceeding well and we have sove lovely calves from Barton Devon Air 2nd. He has been our stock bull for the past few years having bought his dam and him as a two week old calf at foot.

    We have succesfully shown him as a yearling and as a two year old. He gave us our first bull of the year award in 2012 having finished an amazing show season at 22 months old.

    Devon Air will be for sale at Hatherleigh Market on the 10th of April 2014, along with 2yr old Eastyard Magante. Along with 100 other Red Rubies being sold by Andy Lane.

    Devon Air is still only 3yrs old and was classified as a 2yr old VG87, under DCBS rules a bull under four years old can only be classified up to VG89. His dam Barton Camelia 197th is full sister to Barton Camelia 206th she was DCBS female of the year 2008 & 2011 and has numerous interbreed wins under her belt.

    Her daughter eastyard Jaylo is DCBS junior female 2013 and Devon Air's sister was Reserve Junior Female 2013.

    This line of females have been one of our most succesful in the show ring, they are extremely easy fleshing & milky and are consistently good breeders put to any sire.

    Eastyard Devon Air 1st (Sire - Barton Devon Air 2nd, Dam - Hadrelia Chamomile) maternal brother to Eastyard Magnate.

    Eastyard Magnate 2 yr old full brother to Eastyard Milly DCBS female of the yr 2013.

    Eastyard Magnate Sire - Thorndale Assirati and his grandfather Thorndale Fitzroy have produced numerous show winners and have hundreds of progeny between them, his Dam - Hadrelia Chamomile is also a consistently good breeder herself having numerous show accolades and is a daughter of our Halsbury Lilly cow who weighs in at nearly a ton Chamomile is also dam to Eastyard Milly.

    2yr old Eastyard Milly DCBS female of the year 2013.

    Yearling Eastyard Camelia DCBS reserve junior female 2013 reserve female champion Devon County 2013 maternal sister to Barton Devon Air 2nd.

    Our show team for this year have all been picked out and shows entered, there training is coming on nicely just a young team again this year, and with only a few weeks before the show season starts preparation are in full swing and excitement growing.

    It will be more to organise this year as Devon County, Bath and West and Cornwall are only days apart so everything needs to be more organised to keep everything running smoothly luckily we have a good team of people to help out. We won’t be showing cattle at Three Counties this year as Mike is the Devon judge, having had a successful day judging the DCBS show and sale already this year he is looking forward to judging at Three Counties Show.



  • Showing News 2013.

    Woolsery Show.

    First one day show this year and our judge at Woolsery show was Roy Gove. We had the two yearling heifers Eastyard Jaylo and Camelia, two 2 yr old’s Eastyard Milly and Camelia. The day started a bit wet but turned out to be a lovely day, there was a good turnout of Devon cattle the team did well with two first and 2 second rosette’s and Eastyard Milly went on to take breed champion and reserve interbreed champion.

    Devon County Show 2013 2yr Old Eastyard Milly.

    Honiton Show.

    Eastyard Jaylo 3rd with Judge Richard Dorrell Honiton 2013.

    Honiton show was judged by Richard Dorrell. It was one of the hottest days and the gazebo broke at Woolsery show, this left us with no cover so a bit sunburnt and shattered by the end of the show. This time 2 yr old Eastyard Milly was placed 2nd, beaten by Eastyard Camelia 3rd the first time this year. Eastyard Jaylo 3rd was placed 1st and Eastyard Camelia 6th placed 2nd. Eastyard Jaylo was awarded Breed champion not bad for a yearling heifer she certainly is following in her Mothers footsteps.

    North Devon Show, Judge - Gavin Hunter.

    This is our local show and Mike Cowell Construction were the main sponsor for the Devon classes. There was a good number of Devon exhibitors and a first trip out for Eastyard Magnet a yearling full brother to Eastyard Mily. We did manage to get him round the ring! The two year old heifers were placed first and second with Camelia again beating Milly and the yearlings placed first and second in their class and then going on to have Eastyard Jaylo as breed champion and Eastyard Camelia 6th reserve breed champion. North Devon show also had a visit from David Cameron and Owen Patterson.

    Eastyard Magnate North Devon Show 2013 Dam - Hadrelia Chamomile, Sire - Thorndale Assirati he is now for sale.

    Two Yr Old’s - Eastyard Milly and Eastyard Camelia

    Holsworthy Show -

    A busy day as we entered some cows into the Devon Connections sale at Hatherleigh as well as Holsworthy show so the team was split Danni ,Vicky Lauren, and Jess at the show and Mick, Lewis and 5 yr old grandson Charlie at the sale. There were 140 Devon Red Rubys up for grabs and a packed ringside with Andy Lane the auctioneer doing a fantastic job as always.

    Our young cow Lillybet in calf to Barton Devon Air (as were all the cows we sold) and a lovely Stonegrove Larkspur heifer at foot topped the market at £3600 other cows we sold made £2900 for Eastyard Gabrielle, £2100 Eastyard Camelia both had good Larkspur bull calves at foot, a fantastic result.

    Holsworthy show, again a good day with Judge Jeff Thomas. The yearlings again taking top spot Eastyard Jaylo 3rd breed champion and Eastyard Camelia 6th reserve breed champion they then went on to take reserve interbreed pairs.

    Hatherleigh Sale Report - http://www.farmersguardian.com/shows-and-sales/sales/ruby-red-devons-in-demand-at-hatherleigh/58498.article

    Eastyard Jaylo 3rd Holsworthy 2013

    Lauren, Isla and 2yr old heifer Eastyard Camelia watching the yearlings in the ring Holsworthy 2013.

    Championship Holsworthy Show 2013

    Dorset County 2013 Judge Sue Farqhuar.

    Eastyard Camelia 1st our first cow and calf out this year as she only had a very young calf at foot, she was placed 2nd in her class. 2yr old Eastyard Milly placed 1st she is quite heavily in calf now so her show season is now over. Eastyard Jaylo 3rd was reserve female champion and junior champion. We had an entertaining weekend as always with good company.

    Eastyard Camelia 1st and her May born Devon-air heifer Dorset 2013.

    2 yr old Eastyard Milly Dorset 2013

    Junior Championship - Eastyard Camelia 3rd

    Some Photos From This Year'sShow Season.

    David Cameron North Devon Show 2013.

    Breed and Reserve Champions with Gavin Hunter North Devon Show 2013.

    Eastyard Jaylo 3rd.

    Two yrs old Eastyard Camelia.

    Yearling Eastyard Camelia.

    Cornwall Show 2013.

    Two yearlings Eastyard Camelia and Eastyard Jaylo Bath and West 2013

    Eastyard Jaylo 3rd

    Tired Show Team Dorset County 2013.



  • May and June 2013 Show News.

    Eastyard group of three yearlings reserve interbreed group Devon County 2013 being shown.

    Our first show this season was Devon County and this year we set of with the knowledge that with a very young show team the senior cattle from other exhibitors would probably be stronger. Our show team this year are all home bred two 2yr old heifers Eatyard Milly and Eastyard Camelia 4th both of which were the Devon cattle breeders junior and reserve females of the year 2012 three yearlings a young bull Eastyard Fitzroy and two young sisters Eastyard Jaylo ( dam Barton Camelia 206th ) and Eastyard Camelia 6th sister also to prize winning Devon air our young stock bull the dam is also full sister to Barton Camelia 206th There was a large number of red ruby Devon cattle forward for judge David martin, the Eastyard team did very well taking female and reserve female with Eastyard Milly and Eastyard Camelia 6th. Milly went on to take reserve breed champion, we also won the pairs and both group classes which put us forward the next day for the interbreed group class. Entering the group interbreed class with three yearling Red Ruby Devon in the company of strong groups of both native and continental alike was a big ask for the youngsters and we were thrilled when they were tapped into reserve spot.

    Eastyard Milly female and reserve breed champion Devon County and Royal Cornwall 2013.

    Bath and West the Devon’s national show and Judge Malcolm Hurd a lot of cattle forward and the biggest class of Devon senior bulls we have seen. The two yrs old and the yearling heifer classes were split as there were large numbers entries, Eastyard Milly was first in her class and Eastyard Jaylo was also first in her class winning junior female champion and presented with the Uppington plate something her dam also won in 2008 as a two year old. Eastyard Jaylo was also reserve female champion, having won her yearling class and also the pair of yearling heifers winning the breed pairs class this then again put us forward into the interbreed. Eastyard Jaylo was reserve interbreed native junior heifer and teamed with Eastyard Camelia 6th the pair of heifers made reserve interbreed pairs beating native and continental alike and with a judge who had never seen a Devon before and who was very complementary about them.

    Yearling heifers Eastyard Camelia 6th and Eastyard Jaylo 3rd reserve interbreed pair’s champions being shown by Lewis Parker and 16 yr old Jess Maynard

    Royal Cornwall the judge was Mike Yeandle and the weather was fantastic a bit different from last year and with a new additional shed at the showground for the cattle it was very pleasant with a lot more space. The Eastyard show team did very well taking female and reserve female champions with Eastyard Milly and Eastyard Camelia 6th. We were thrilled with our young bull Eastyard Fitzroy taking reserve male as was his future new owner who paid a visit to Cornwall show. The lovely Eastyard Milly also took the reserve breed champion.

    Yearling Eastyard Camelia 6th reserve female champion Royal Cornwall and Devon County 2013

    Yearlings Eastyard Fitzroy and Eastyard Camelia 6th Royal Cornwall 2013 being shown by Lewis Parker and Vicky Smith (Columbpark Limousins ) .

    Three counties with judge John May saw Eastyard Jaylo 3rd take reserve female champion and our three yearling went on to win reserve interbreed group. Having agreed to sell Eastyard Fitzroy at Devon County this year to a young vet this was to be his last outing with us and he didn’t disappoint taking 2nd place in his class. He has since moved on to his new home and his new owner also purchased Barton Camelia 208th and her lovely Devon Air heifer at foot and we succumbed and also sold him Eastyard Jaylo 2nd full sister to our yearling heifer we have been showing this year they have gone to an exceptional home. Our next outings will be a few day shows and Mike has also been asked to judge the Devon’s at Okehampton show this year.

    Eastyard Jaylo 3rd reserve female champion Bath and West and Three Counties show 2013 being shown by 16yr old Jess Maynard.

    The Eastyard show team Royal Three Counties 2013.

    Results for Eastyard show team Devon County 2013.

    1st and 2nd Eastyard Milly and Eastyard Camelia 4th

    1st and 3rd Eastyard Camelia 6th and Eastyard jaylo 3rd

    5th Eastyard Fitzroy

    1st Pairs Eastyard Camelia 6th and Eastyard Jaylo 3rd

    1st in both group classes with the yearlings

    Female Champion Eastyard Milly

    Reserve female Champion Eastyard Camelia 6th

    Reserve Breed Champion Eastyard Milly

    Reserve Interbreed group Champion three yearlings

    Results for Eastyard show team Bath and West 2013.

    1st and 4th two year old Heifer class

    1st and 2nd yearling heifer class

    4th yearling bull

    Reserve female Eastyard Jaylo

    Interbreed reserve junior native Eastyard Jaylo 3rd

    Reserve Interbreed pairs champion Eastyard Jaylo 3rd and Eastyard Camelia 6th

    Results Eastyard show team Royal Cornwall 2013.

    1st and 2nd 2 yr old heifers

    1st and 2nd yearlings

    1st yearling bull

    Female and Reserve champions Eastyard milly and Eastyard camellia 6th

    Reserve Male champion Eastyard Fitzroy

    Reserve breed champion Eastyard milly

    Results for Eastyard show team Three Counties 2013.

    1st and 4th 2yrs old heifer class

    2nd yearling bull Eastyard Fitzroy

    1 and 2 yearling heifer class

    1st pairs

    1st groups

    Reserve female Eastyard Jaylo 3rd

    Reserve interbreed group



  • AGM 2013.

    Four months into a new year and the awards for the 2012 show season were presented at the Devon Cattle Breeders AGM on the 18th April. Although they were supposed to be announced at the Autumn show and sale 2012( passed by council a few years ago) , this did not happen and a promise from the breed secretary that it would be in the Christmas newsletter also did not materialize.

    In fact to date there is no report of any awards, the only place this can be seen is at the end of the show supplement that was left last year on the website...... Instead of being sent out to members as usual with their Autumn newsletter the excuse from the Secretary was that the DCBS council were trying to save money on stamps.

    I am sure there will be some reason as to why the AGM has no report as yet.............maybe it'll be in the summer newsletter when this years show season is underway! We find this all very petty but on a serious note it cost Eastyard Farm thousands of pounds last year taking cattle to shows to help promote the Devon breed and of course our own cattle. We are sure normal service will be resumed for this show season as long as a certain prefix are not winning ribbons!! Gripe over as I'm sure there will be more to come throughout the year.

    On a better note the Eastyard herd had another fantastic year in the show ring in 2012.

    A few highlights being our young bull going one better than Devon County & Royal Cornwall, by winning breed champion at Bath & West and then being tappend forward in the top four in the interbreed class. Him being the only native put forward.

    Winning the junior interbreeds pairs at Cornwall show with Eastyard Milly & the young Stonegrove bull, both of which did very well last year as Milly was reserve junior female of the year & the Stonegrove bull joint junior male of the year.

    At Woolsery show winning supreme interbreed champion with a two year old home bred heifer. Devon Red Ruby's winning interbreed classes bodes well for the Devon breed as a whole, shame they are not promoted as welll as they should be by the society.

    At the DCBS AGM the Eastyard herd was awarded Breeder of the year for the second year running, Bull of the year, junior female of the year, reserve junior female of the year & the Holwell manor east cup for the second year running. We had a lovely evening with great company with a full table of people who helped with the Eastyard show team last year and we are very grateful for all their support.




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