Eastyard Herd Of Pedigree Devon & Limousin Cattle.


        Type Classified Devon Females.



Under the rules of the Devon Cattle Breeders Society a female who has only had one or two calves can only achieve max points of VG89 a female who has three or more calves can achieve max points of EX100.

The Eastyard Herd has type classified a No of Devon Females here is there achievements to date -


     Barton Camelia 206th Second calf  VG89 max points

     Hadrelia Chamomile second calf VG86

     Barton Camelia 203rd second calf VG87

     Barton Camelia 208th second calf VG80

     Barton Diana 102nd third calf plus VG85

     Barton Camelia 135th third calf plus EX90

     Barton Camelia 197th third calf plus VG80

     Eastyard Flirt 1st first calf G+79

     Ashotts Barton Lillybet 1st second calf VG89 max points

     Eastyard Camelia 1st second calf VG89 max points

     Barton Saint 25th  second calf G+79

     Ashreigney Flirt 1st second calf VG85

     Perton Gabrielle second calf G+78


    Eastyard have decided not to upgrade or have any more cattle classified.

Stock For Sale

j Hatherleigh Sale Report

Barton Devonair 2nd Semen For Sale.

Embryo's currently for sale -


Barton Camelia 206th x Challenge Brigadier 3rd.


Barton Camelia 206th x Fairnington Baron.


£500.00 per Embryo.